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Spray Foam Insulation

PERMAX is a superior spray-in-place insulation foam providing significant benefits to the homeowner over traditional insulating materials including a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency, increased structural integrity, greater comfort, healthier air, and a quieter environment.

Unlike fiberglass or cellulose, PERMAX spray-in-place insulation expands on contact forming an airtight seal eliminating convection currents, the number one source of heat loss; helping maintain a comfortable, constant temperature throughout the home.

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>>PERMAX provides significant energy savings

PERMAX 2.0X Closed-Cell Foam Insulation

A 2-component polyurethane spray foam system which offers a high r-value, increasing a structures’ thermal performance and contributing to reduced energy costs.

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PERMAX 1.8HY Closed-Cell Foam Insulation

A 2-component polyurethane spray foam system consisting of Components A and B; produces a premium seamless, monolithic, and durable closed-cell polyurethane foam air barrier/insulation/vapor retarder.

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PERMAX 0.5LV Open-cell foam insulation

A 2-component open-cell spray polyurethane insulating foam consisting of Part A and B components, offering greater thermal performance by reducing conditioned air loss; excellent sound control in properly constructed wall cavities.

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PERMAX and Energy Savings

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